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Don’t just Survive: Thrive

The world is on fast-forward, and we are expected to keep up. From home and work to family and friends, we have never been more busy, challenged, or productive. Ever-evolving technology brings ease, entertainment, and extraordinary tools into our lives, but with it comes unavoidable distraction, expectation, and pressure to be engaged socially and professionally all hours of the day.

Life’s daily demands constantly pull us in all directions. It seems as if there is always something more being asked of us.

How are we expected not only to survive at this pace, but to actually thrive?

Buddy Bench

The MHA Buddy Bench Campaign promotes mental health and support for community children through active listening, kindness, and inclusiveness.

Because Everybody Needs A Buddy.Please help us achieve this goal by sponsoring a Buddy Bench at a local school of your choice to raise awareness and give children the learning tools they need to be a Buddy.

At MHA, we believe everybody needs a buddy!


Call 561-801-Help (4357)

for mental health care and support.