Peer Support


People who have personal experience with a mental health condition and progressed from illness to recovery are called “peers.”

Mental Health America of Palm Beach County is a peer-led organization. Peers provide valuable insight in helping others because they faced similar challenges and achieved success themselves.

Peers help individuals with mental health conditions cultivate the inner strength needed to develop resilience and live in recovery.

Peer Place


Peer Place Clubhouses are places where members volunteer time, learn new skills, and rebuild old ones. Clubhouses are local community centers that provide members with opportunities to build long-term relationships that support them in obtaining employment, education and housing.

“A Clubhouse provides a restorative environment for people whose lives have been severely disrupted because of their mental illness, and who need the support of others who are in recovery and who believe that mental illness is treatable.”

Clubhouse International

The Clubhouses are run by members and staff working together. Morning and afternoon, meetings are held to organize the tasks to be completed during the work-ordered day.

A work-ordered day is one in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and encouraged.

Members take leadership roles by directing activities, conducting tours, and teaching skills to other members.

Support Center

The journey for individuals with mental health conditions is not always smooth. Building resilience makes it possible to navigate setbacks and sustain long-term recovery.

At our Peer Place North Support Center, members socialize with others and participate in group and one-on-one support with trained recovery support mentors.

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When individuals are asked what made the greatest impact in their recovery, they point to the support they received from friends and family. Peer support mirrors these kinds of relationships by empowering people to make the best decisions for them, and helping them strive toward their goals.


Peer Place Fern Street Clubhouse | 909 Fern Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Peer Place Glades Clubhouse | 19 Everglades Street, Belle Glade, FL 33407

Peer Place North Support Center | 4400 N Congress Avenue, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33430