Who We Are


Our mission is to create a supportive community where all people can flourish

Mental Health America of Palm Beach County

Human flourishing is a state in which all aspect’s of a person’s life are good. (VanderWeele, PNAS, 2017)

A flourishing person is living a good, fulfilling life, a life with a sense of purpose. They have the ability to do what they want to do and be who they want to be. They have, and are committed to building, good mental health, physical health, and social health in all areas of their lives and those of their community members. This includes family, work, education, community, politics, economics, and more.

A flourishing person has: the ability to help their body thrive, their emotional needs met, the trust and cooperation to function in social settings, and the ability to use their reason for individual and collective ends.


Darly Adams | Clubhouse Employment Specialist


Kristina Baker | Chief Program Officer

Melinda Durant | Clubhouse Team Coordinator

Alita Faber | Learning Communities Director

Melissa George | Clubhouse Director

Shakiyla Hart | Street Clinic Director

Joe Heffernan | Peer Place Coordinator

Jeremy Morse | Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Perez | Community Care Advocate

Treva Reese | Clubhouse Team Coordinator

Maryann Roman | Director of Operations

Board of Directors

Dr. Jacintha Cauffield (Chair)

Dr. Jane Harris (Vice Chair)

Harriet Freeman, Esq. (Secretary/Treasurer)

Andy McAusland

Alcolya St. Juste, Esq.

Dr. Sandra Ojurongbe